Black Forest meets Technology

In theBlack Forest lies the headquarters of sonamedic

sonamedic was founded in the Black Forest town of Ettlingen. The well-known recreational effect of the Black Forest and the purity of nature inspire us every day anew in the further development of our app.

At the same time, we benefit from our immediate proximity to the technology hotspot of Karlsruhe. Countless software and internet companies are located here. Karlsruhe is also home to a large start-up scene and the KIT, one of the oldest technical universities in Germany.

Enthusiasm for high tech and a relaxed, close-to-nature attitude to life – a combination we enjoy very much.

The sonamedic Story

Man sitting at music mixer

sonamedic founders Andreas and Philipp come from the music scene. A job environment that often puts a lot of strain on the reserves: tour stress, irregular life and work rhythms and problems falling asleep are widespread side effects. This led the two to the question of how one can find relaxation and better sleep in a simple and healthy way. And they came up with an idea: “Wellness for the mind”, easy to use and available everywhere.

With the first audio productions, Philipp and Andreas conduct extensive analyses on the effect of binaural beats in the wellness areas of several large German thermal spas. Binaural beats are an acoustic phenomenon discovered as early as 1839 and a natural way to positively influence states of mind.


Die Gründer der Meditationsapp sonamedic Philipp und Andreas Lehnert

Based on the positive research results, sonamedic is created, the first meditation app with full integration of binaural beats. Shortly after its launch, sonamedic is featured by Apple as a “favourite app” in the App Store.

Almost all sonamedic employees have a musical background: live and studio musicians, label managers and musicologists. Thus, the young company combines many years of experience in composition, sound engineering and professional audio production.

With this experience, we produce our app content in the highest sound quality. This is how the combination of guided meditations, soundscapes and binaural beats becomes what the sonamedic app stands for: meditation – as easy as listening to music.