man relaxes with binaural beats

Behind the Binaural Beats lies a natural physical principle that was discovered as early as 1839 by the German physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove. The biophysicist Gerald Oster recognised the potential and possibilities of binaural beats in research and in the medical field in the early 1970s.

Binaural beats are created in the brain when two different frequencies are fed to the right and left ear via headphones. To compensate, a middle frequency is formed in the brain stem. From a scientific point of view, binaural beats are therefore “imaginary” sounds, as they are produced in our brain by ourselves as an average value.

The development of sonamedic is based on numerous studies on the effect of binaural sounds on both cognitive processes and physical sensations. Binaural beats today represent a scientifically proven, gentle method of sound therapy. We use them to promote relaxation, sleep, meditation and concentration.

If you want to know exactly, you can find all the details about the science behind the binaural beats here.



sonamedic cooperates with institutions such as the Schloss Gracht Special Clinic for Modern Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics. There, the sonamedic programmes are offered as induced relaxation methods for patients suffering from stress-related stress consequences such as burn-out or depression.

We also cooperate with a number of thermal resorts such as Aqualand Cologne, the Miramar Salt & Crystal Spa in Weinheim and Kristall Palm Beach in Stein near Nuremberg. In these large thermal baths, sonamedic can be found in relaxation rooms and lounges. Thermal bath guests can use sonamedic there via trays to make the relaxation effect perfect.


The combination makes the difference

The sound journeys are effective through the unique combination of their components. The binaural beats at sonamedic are embedded in individually composed music. In this way, each sound journey receives its own custom-fit sound world, which additionally supports the effect of each session. The meditation texts were spoken by prominent German speakers. The memory function helps you to deepen your good habits.