The Black Forest Effect

Nature on your ears.

Leaves in the wind, the murmur of a brook or chirping birds – The sounds of nature often have a positive effect on us. With the Black Forest on our doorstep, we have an ideal source for the unique sonamedic sound. 

Based in Ettlingen on the edge of the northern Black Forest, we can let the inspiring recreational effect and, of course, the sound of our homeland flow into our work every day anew.

Philipp Hofheinz with audioequipment in the Black Forest

Black Forest Music

Nature is a place where you learn to listen. Silence, in truth, frees the ear for all the quiet and small things that in our usual urban environments are obscured by the sounds of our everyday lives. The inhabitants of the forest here communicate with each other just as diligently as we humans do.

The sounds of the Black Forest are the basic elements of the sonamedic sound.

As a natural sound design for the audio stories accompanying our session or as a direct component of our musical compositions. In our new film, we show you how we do that.

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