Meditation Screen sonamedic

Meditation on the road & everywhere

Simple and practical. On all smartphones.

Ideal with headphones – no additional hardware needed.

At home, on the underground, on the park bench. Do something for yourself wherever you are.

With the power of music for a better attitude towards life

Choose your topics from a constantly growing number of meditation sessions. Playlists compiled by us will help you to feel better.

No matter whether it is about sleep promotion, stress reduction, relaxation, productivity or your health.

Meditation library
reminder function for regular meditation

Develop a healthy routine

Meditate regularly.

If you want to continue a meditation you have started at a later date, the app will support you and remind you – according to your schedule.

Early riser or night owl?

Customise your user interface with the new darkmode.

Just as you like it: bright as day when focusing or pleasantly dark before falling asleep.

Day- / Nightmode sonamedic App

Collect meditations that you like

Simply save your preferred sessions as favourites.

If you want to listen to your favourite meditation on a regular basis, you’ll always find it again immediately.

collect your favourite meditations
configure your meditation session as you like

Configure the sessions as you like

Relaxing music pure. Or guided meditation pure. Or the whole sound journey. In a relaxing length or briefly in between to recharge your batteries.

Download function sonamedic, offline mode

Meditate online and offline

Your meditations are always available – just stream automatically. Or download meditations or complete playlists to listen to them without internet connection.


Go to sleep with gentle music

From the world of sounds to the land of dreams.

The session switches off automatically after the time you set.

activate the sleep timer for restful sleep
family sharing iOS

For a relaxed family

Share your sonamedic subscription on iOS devices with up to five family members for free.

Try it for free

Listen and relax.
Just download the sonamedic app and start into a positive attitude towards life!