Mann als Superheld, Selbstheilungskraft

All healing is self-healing

When the self-healing powers are activated, the body does impressive work. It closes wounds and allows broken bones to grow back together. Damaged cells are continuously replaced and pathogens are fought off. Conventional medicine can support healing processes or steer them in the right direction. Ultimately, however, it only helps people to heal themselves.

This article shows you what possibilities you have to activate your self-healing powers and strengthen your resistance to illness. You will also learn more about the scientific background of self-healing and at what point you should consult a doctor.

The placebo effect – the connection between body and mindPlacebos helfen bei Selbstheilung

When a patient takes a medicine, he usually feels better. And in many cases this is independent of whether the preparation is actually an effective medicine. Even a dummy in the form of a sugar candy has a somewhat positive effect.

The positive effect without the direct influence of a medicine is known as the placebo effect. It unfolds because patients expect something positive to happen to them as a result of previous treatments. The brain therefore releases happiness messengers, which have a pain-relieving effect, for example. Especially in the case of psychosomatic complaints, for example sleeping difficulties or dejection, the placebo effect is now actively used medically. (1)

Happiness as the key to health

Glück fördert die Selbstheilungskräfte

The placebo effect shows: If you have a positive attitude towards yourself and your healing process, you can support your self-healing through it. By trusting in the effectiveness, tension and anxiety are relieved. In other words, stress is reduced. And especially persistent stress has many negative influences on health and self-healing processes. The effects are by no means only psychological.

Stress – poison for self-healing

Is there good stress?

Stress fulfils an important task and has a great influence on the concentration and composition of messenger substances in our body. When you are stressed, the stress reaction makes you more efficient for a short time. Your body makes its energy reserves available. Your blood pressure rises and your heart beats faster. This enables you to perform optimally in an exam or competition. (2)

Stress must not become permanent stress

On the other hand, you have a problem when stress becomes a permanent burden in your life. Your body is then on permanent alert. Regeneration, which takes place during relaxation phases, does not take place. Cardiovascular diseases, insomnia, mental illnesses and a weakened immune system can be the result.

Slowed wound healing with stress load

Excessive stress even has a concrete influence on the wound healing process. For example, a study on students showed that wounds healed 40 percent slower during the stressful exam period than during the relaxing semester break. (3)

Stress sollte nicht zur Dauerbelastung werden

Stronger sensation of pain during stress

Further research indicates that people who are exposed to a lot of stress are more sensitive to pain. This fits with a study that showed the influence of a window in the green on patients in a hospital. The window gives the impression of being in a natural environment. This has a stress-reducing and restorative effect on people because it gives the impression of an intact living space.

In the study, patients who were able to look out of a window into the greenery during their hospital stay could be discharged earlier on average. They also needed fewer painkillers and suffered less often from complications after surgery. (4)

Read more about this topic in our article: Recuperation in nature – What does science say?

Activate self-healing powers – these are the adjusting screws

In an interview with GEO, the physician and health scientist Prof. Dr. Tobias Esch names four particularly effective ways to strengthen one’s own self-healing powers: Sufficient exercise, healthy food, stress reduction and regular relaxation. Sufficient and restful sleep also contributes to well-being and health. (5)

Self-healing through mindfulness and relaxation exercises

Achtsamkeit hilft bei Stressreduktion und Selbstheilungsprozessen

Stress prevention through mindfulness

The best way to strengthen your self-healing powers is to be mindful of yourself. This way you can recognise stress factors early on and do something about them. Always reflect on your current situation and actively try to reduce stress.

Relaxation exercises provide stress relief

Um Stress abzubauen und deine Selbstheilungskräfte zu stärken, eignen sich regelmäßige Entspannungsübungen. Bewährt haben sich beispielsweise Atemübungen und Meditation. Erste Studien deuten darauf hin, dass regelmäßige Meditation- oder Entspannungsübungen einen positiven Effekt auf das Immunsystem also die Abwehr von Krankheitserregern haben. (6)

Die sonamedic App sorgt für Entspannung

Für Anfänger sind geführte Meditationen besonders leicht zu erlernen. In der sonamedic Meditationsapp sind diese mit Entspannungsmusik und binauralen Beats kombiniert. Setze oder lege dich einfach zehn Minuten am Tag hin, schließe die Augen und erlebe die erfrischende und regenerierende Wirkung der sonamedic Klangwelten.

Sport – exercise brings many benefits

Bewegung buat Stress ab

Sport is also an important factor in strengthening resistance to disease. It has been shown to promote the release of happiness hormones. It also strengthens the cardiovascular system. This makes you more resistant. Through regular physical activity, you can strengthen your self-healing powers.

Healthy nutrition activates self-healing powers

gesunde Ernährung aktiviert die Selbstheilungskräfte

A healthy and balanced diet is a key to activating the body’s own healing powers. For example, four of the most significant risk factors for non-communicable diseases are related to diet: High blood pressure, elevated blood cholesterol, obesity and low fruit and vegetable consumption. Nutrition keeps your body in balance. It becomes more resilient and stays healthy.

So make sure you eat a balanced diet. Use as many fresh ingredients as possible. Don’t eat too much fat, but look out for and prefer wholemeal products and potatoes as the basis of your diet. They are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre. (7)

When should I see a doctor?

Paying attention to the body’s self-healing powers does not mean avoiding going to the doctor. You should always seek medical advice when you have a complaint. Delaying a visit to the doctor can lead to serious illnesses being discovered too late and can have serious consequences. Instead, see the strengthening of your self-healing powers as an opportunity to actively participate in the healing process.

Hands off fake medicines

Especially in the vastness of the internet, a multitude of remedies for the treatment of all kinds of ailments are advertised. You should always be suspicious when you hear about the miraculous effects of a new medicine or treatment. Always exercise extra caution and consult your doctor before taking it. Many supposed miracle cures are not only ineffective, but in some cases very dangerous.


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