and focus.

Relaxation and focus.
Simply by listening.

Apple relies on the
sonamedic app.

sonamedic, the app for relaxation and focus, is preinstalled on all iPhone demo devices throughout Germany. This applies to Apple Stores – and also to Saturn, Media Markt and other official Apple resellers.

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Audiotechnology for more well-being.

Sound works. A pleasant sound environment creates an improved quality of life. Use the power of sound for your health with sonamedic. In an easy-to-use app for iOS and Android devices. All you need is your smartphone and a pair of headphones.

Focus, calm, resilience.
The Black Forest Effect.

Leaves in the wind, the murmur of a brook or chirping birds – the sounds of nature have been proven to have a positive effect on us. With the sonamedic app you can experience the relaxing effect of the Black Forest sound anytime and anywhere.

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Startseite Über 100 Audio-Sessions immer und überall dabei. Icon transparent

100+ sessions everywhere with you.

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Regularly new content in all categories.

Startseite Erinnerungsfunktion für eine gesunde Routine. Icon transparent

Reminder function for a healthy routine.

Startseite Sammle deine Favoriten und höre sie auch offline. Icon transparent

Collect your favourites and listen to them offline.

Startseite Konfiguriere jede Session nach deinem Geschmack Icon transparent

Configure each session to your taste.

Startseite Sleeptimer – Mit sanfter Musik in den Schlaf Icon transparent

Sleeptimer – with gentle music to sleep.


A dream of flying

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Positive thinking

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sonamedic summer prices

14,49 $ 3 Months

4,83 $ / month

Can be cancelled at any time.

34,99 $ Annually 

2,92 $ / month

Can be cancelled at any time.

6,99 $ Monthly


Can be cancelled at any time

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