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Binaural Beats

Binaural beats make sonamedic unique. A scientifically proven, gentle method of sound therapy to promote relaxation, sleep and concentration.

In this way, the sonamedic app helps you achieve a better attitude towards life – simply by listening.


  • Always and everywhere at hand – Meditations and sound journeys in the sonamedic app
  • Regularly new content in all categories
  • Reminder function for a healthy meditation routine
  • Light and dark mode for your individual user interface
  • Favorites: Collect meditations that you like
  • Sleeptimer – Turns your session off automatically


A dream of flying

Watch 60 seconds

Positive thinking

Watch 60 seconds


Sleep support
Watch 60 seconds

User reviews

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SheldonSchlauberger, 24.11.2020

Really good app! I have tried Sonamedic for a while now and am very satisfied. I also like the music selection. All in all a well worked out app.

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Mkkkt Bkkkt, 19.09.2020

It is really amazing how well the meditations work. Very good work! Really 🙂

Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating
Louisa Neubauer, 30.10.2020

Wow! Simply great. Super beautiful texts, great meditations. An app that is really worth it! You can always and everywhere switch off for a few minutes. Thanks to the makers of this app! I am thrilled!

Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating
Kathrin Eggerling, 12.11.2020

Design clean not as eso as comparable apps. Preferably I just listen to the voice so I can’t judge these binaural beats but it helps me fall asleep pretty good.


23,49 $ 3 Months

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5,91 $ / month

Can be cancelled at any time. 
The first 14 days are free.


9,49 $ Monthly

Can be cancelled at any time. 
The first 7 days are free.

Get new content in all areas on a regular basis.

Your account can be activated on multiple devices (streaming on one device only).


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