Seminar Gesundheit Mixed Emotions - Academy bei Serview

This week’s sonamedic Academy at SERVIEW is all about emotions. Difficult emotions can sometimes be quite frightening. Like a wave, they pile up menacingly in front of us. And often at inopportune moments.

In this week’s course module “Mixed Emotions”, participants learn to surf negative emotions like a wave instead of letting them take them by surprise. Because the good news is: even negative emotions pass. We can let them flow through us like a wave. We just must not resist. Because if we do, the emotion will slam against our inner barrier with full force. And perhaps causes great damage.

Instead, we should value all emotions. After all, how boring would life be without the eerily beautiful creep factor in a thriller. Without songs full of heartbreak and without the precious people with whom we feel connected because they have experienced something similar to us.

Disclaimer: The sonamedic Academy is only available in German language.