For a relaxed
and happy
attitude to life

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Healthy sleep

Leave sleeping problems and tension behind and recharge your batteries for the next day.

Almost every fourth person suffers from problems falling asleep or staying asleep. sonamedic’s binaural beats can be a gentle way to regain control over your sleep rhythm.  


Waking up refreshed

Start your morning fresh and awake. Drive and creativity will come all by themselves.

A little relaxation session after getting up frees your mind and helps you start the day with a good feeling. 

Man starts the day refreshed
Focused with binaural beats

Focused to the goal

Effortlessly master the challenges of everyday life and work motivated on your goals.

With the sounds of sonamedic you can concentrate better and manage tasks in the best possible way.  

Freeing the head

Leave disturbing thoughts behind you. Your head belongs to you again from now on!

Regular meditation can be an effective way to break senseless thought loops and gradually detach yourself from your fears. 

Woman with free mind

Developing resilience

Don’t let your emotions get the best of you, but meet them with a mindful and calm spirit.

sonamedic supports you in maintaining and developing a healthy and friendly approach to yourself. In this way, you can master the challenges of life with strong self-confidence. 

Man with headphones
Woman with headphones

Creative to work

Sharpen your inventive spirit and dedicate yourself to your work with full creativity.

Binaural beats have been proven to promote creative thinking. They help you to successfully master challenges in your professional and private life.


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