Woman listening to binaural beats with headphones.

Binaural beats with meditation and relaxation music

Binaural beats are the ideal support in all life situations. After a hard day, they help you relax. Your thoughts will calm down and you will easily find a restful sleep. Binaural beats can also support your mental performance. They help you concentrate and even stimulate your creativity.

For all their benefits, binaural sounds are certainly not a miracle cure. They won’t change your life overnight. But it is a scientifically proven phenomenon that you can use to your advantage. You don’t have to make a big effort or fear dangerous side effects. So it’s worth trying it out! This knowledge guide shows you how to make the most out of binaural beats with sonamedic. You also get valuable background knowledge about how binaural sounds work.

How do binaural beats work?

Woman listens to binaural beats and relaxation music

How is a binaural beat created?

To create a binaural beat, you have to listen to two sounds with slightly different frequencies in both ears at the same time. Your brain now tries to harmonise these two different tones. During this process, a new tone is created: the binaural beat. Its pitch is about the middle frequency of the two original tones. The binaural sounds exist exclusively in your brain. Only you can hear them. Binaural beats are therefore also called phantom tones.

Binaural beats influence your mood

All our sensations and our thinking are based on countless electrical signals in our brain. Together they form the electrical brain activity. Differences in the electrical activity of our brain create different moods such as relaxation, fatigue, stress, concentration or anxiety. Many scientific studies show that the electrical brain activity approaches the frequency of the binaural beat in our head. So you can use binaural beats to specifically influence your mood.

What do I need to listen to binaural beats?

Headphones for binaural beats and relaxation music

The sonamedic app

To listen to these sounds, you need a suitable audio programme. At sonamedic, we combine the binaural beats with music and nature sounds. In this way, the phantom sounds are embedded in a suitable sound world. Many people find them rather unpleasant “pure”. Moreover, this has an additional relaxing effect. sonamedic has specialised in the use of binaural beats. With us, you will find the right beat for every mood. Embedded in atmospheric sound worlds and inspiring meditations. Download the sonamedic app now from the Apple Store or Google Play.

The right headphones

To listen to binaural beats, you need headphones. It doesn’t matter if they are wired or wireless ones. Your headphones should fit comfortably so you can really relax.

How do I use binaural beats with the sonamedic app?

An iPhone for binaural beats, relaxation music, meditation.

In the sonamedic app you will find meditations for five categories: Stress reduction, sleep support, health, productivity and relaxation. Simply choose a suitable sound journey from the desired category. The binaural beats are optimally tuned to the individual meditations. Sometimes, for example when falling asleep, the speaker’s voice may disturb you. You can simply deactivate it in the options.

With the cycle mode, you determine how long a session lasts.

Ten minutes of binaural beats per session not enough for you? Use the cycle mode to determine the length of a meditation yourself. Listen to a single meditation or an entire playlist in a continuous loop. Each playlist contains coordinated sound worlds with harmonious binaural beats.

How long and regularly should I listen to binaural sounds?

Woman meditates with binaural beats and relaxation music.

10 minutes of binaural beats help immediately

Binaural beats work very differently for each individual. It’s best to try out what works best for you. A sonamedic meditation usually lasts 10 minutes. Many scientific studies show a short-lasting positive effect for such a period of time. You feel relaxed and refreshed. So if you need quick help in a situation, a ten-minute session is just what you need.

Regularity brings long-term effect

To achieve a more long-term effect, many people prefer longer periods of time. A 30-minute session is considered particularly effective. Want to make a permanent change? Use binaural beats three times a week for 30 minutes. This is how you transfer the powerful effect of binaural sounds into all areas of your life.

Can binaural beats help you fall asleep?

World of sound with relaxation music, meditation in nature

Binaural sounds and relaxation music help twofold

Binaural beats are an effective remedy for sleep problems. In combination with atmospheric thought journeys and effective relaxation music, the sonamedic app helps you to get a grip on your problems falling asleep.

With the sleep timer, sonamedic accompanies you until you fall asleep.

With the Sleep Timer, you can let our binaural sounds gently guide you to sleep. You decide how long a sound journey or playlist is played. When you fall asleep, sonamedic simply switches itself off.

Powerful sleep promotion without side effects

The binaural beats signal your body and mind to come to rest. Your brain waves orient themselves to the sounds and you slowly drift into a restful sleep. Unlike many other methods of promoting sleep, you don’t have to worry about side effects with binaural beats. However, it may take a few nights to get used to the new stimuli. Use binaural sounds and relaxation music regularly to experience the full effect.

How do I find a specific binaural beat?

If you are looking for a specific binaural beat, you will find it listed in the description of each meditation. Here you can also see what effect the frequency of the exercise has on you. For example, are you looking for a specific binaural sound for restful sleep? All sound journeys in the sleep promotion category use the desired frequencies. You can find detailed descriptions in the accompanying text of each session.

Which binaural beat has which effect?


binaural beats frequencies and impact

Binaural beats of different frequencies have a different effect. They exist in the delta, theta, alpha, beta and gamma frequency range. In the graphic you can see which binaural beat has which effect.

Are binaural beats dangerous?

Binaural beats are just as harmless as conventional relaxation music. For some people, however, the pure frequencies sound unpleasant. That is why they are embedded in music, nature sounds and guided meditations in the sonamedic app. No other side effects are known. If you feel that one of our sound journeys has a negative effect, simply switch it off.

How do binaural beats help with meditation?

Relaxing music by the mountain lake

Meditation is often not easy. Especially for beginners. You have to sit still, switch off all thoughts and concentrate fully on yourself. After a stressful day, it is difficult to simply flip the switch and surrender completely to meditation for a short period of time. sonamedic therefore supports you in various ways. Binaural sounds help you get into the right mood. Relaxation music loosens body and soul. Our guided meditations take you on mind journeys to atmospheric, peaceful places. With the sonamedic formula, meditating becomes almost as easy as listening to music.

Where can I learn more about binaural beats?

For a deeper insight into the function and history of binaural beats, read our knowledge guide Binaural Beats: Effects, Frequencies, Studies.

If you’re interested in the science behind binaural beats, we’ve summarised and analysed important studies on mindfulness, sleep, concentration and health on the following pages:

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