sonamedic Winterzauber im Schwarzwald vorschau

Winter magic in the Black Forest

As part of our “Winter magic in the Black Forest” promotion, for a short time you can get our bestseller, 12-month access to more than 100 wonderfully relaxing sonamedic Premium Audio Sessions for the special price of €35.99 (instead of €59.99).


Enjoy the winter rest

It has become winter here in the Black Forest. Nature has come to rest. We set out for a wintry walk in the forest, our path lined with large, snow-covered spruces leads us to a beautiful vantage point. There we let our gaze wander far and wide over the gently rolling forest landscape and also come to rest inwardly. After returning to our warm home, we enjoy the contemplative mood and warming feelings by candlelight.

With our sonamedic audio sessions such as “Winter Rest”, we accompany you through the season. For positive energy and inner warmth that will carry you powerfully and easily through the winter.

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Promotional prices until 28.02.2021

14,49 $ 3 Months

4,83 $ / Month

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34,99 $ Annually

2,92 € / Month

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6,99 € Month


Can be cancelled at any time

This week's sonamedic Academy at SERVIEW is all about sleep. How do you create an optimal sleeping atmosphere?
In the sonamedic Academy at SERVIEW this week, participants learn to be open to themselves. Many people have to overcome the need to acknowledge their own pain and develop self-compassion.
You just can't find the time for a short breather? For course instructor Karima Stockmann, lack of time is not an argument for missing moments of inner contemplation! In the course module "Quiet Place", she shows participants small mindfulness exercises and breathing techniques that can be integrated into any daily routine.