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The sonamedic Academy

We are pleased to introduce the sonamedic Academy.

The sonamedic Academy is an innovative digital WHP measure for stress prevention for companies. In the sonamedic Academy, we combine two elements: psychoeducation, which trains participants in a 12-week course to become experts in self-effective stress management, and the sonamedic app as a tool for meditative relaxation and focus.

Hardly anything reduces the quality of life as much as persistent stress. Moreover, too much stress has a negative impact on productivity, but also on social skills. In the sonamedic Academy, participants learn to look at themselves from new perspectives. They are encouraged to be mindful of themselves and sensitised to the mechanisms of the stress response.

Karima Stockmann, sonamedic Academy


In the course of the course, different relaxation techniques are introduced. The meditative audio sessions in the sonamedic app provide participants with a simple and effective way to relax and switch off.

Our participants will be competently supported by psychotherapist Susanne Wieder, joy of life founder Karima Stockmann and sonamedic founder and sound expert Philipp Hofheinz.

All information about the sonamedic Academy can be found here: sonamedic Academy

Disclaimer: The sonamedic Academy is only available in German language.

This week's sonamedic Academy at SERVIEW is all about sleep. How do you create an optimal sleeping atmosphere?
In the sonamedic Academy at SERVIEW this week, participants learn to be open to themselves. Many people have to overcome the need to acknowledge their own pain and develop self-compassion.
You just can't find the time for a short breather? For course instructor Karima Stockmann, lack of time is not an argument for missing moments of inner contemplation! In the course module "Quiet Place", she shows participants small mindfulness exercises and breathing techniques that can be integrated into any daily routine.